Medieval Knife-Making

You’ll learn about the rich history of toolmaking and have the chance to tap into your inner blacksmith and make a tool worthy of any King! No prior experience required -- just bring an eager drive to discover a new trade!
Siem Reap, Cambodia
What's Included

  • 2 hour medieval knife making class
  • Free parking on premises
  • A translator to help facilitate language barriers


What to Expect

Learn the art of medieval knife making in this 2 hour class! Your instructor, Mr. Prom Ty, boasts more than thirty years of experience in smithing various metal tools. Mr Prom Ty is a master blacksmith who supplies tools to many farmers and shops in Siem Reap. The creation of steel tools and weapons was a major landmark in human history, enabling humans to rise steadily above the animals, helping us to build farms and establish ourselves as the major race in Earth’s history. Knives have always been valuable tools for agriculture, warfare, and everyday use, and this is your chance to see how our ancestors made them. This age old tradition is still being practiced very much the same way as it has been in this little village just outside Siem Reap.


The smithing families here have been involved in this craft for many years and the next generation will probably continue the tradition. While traditions do continue and Prom Ty is extremely passionate about his job and craft, he is often saddened by the lack of attention people give to their expertise these days. He finds that orders for these tools are also steadily decreasing with machines and other tools being cheaply imported from other countries. By taking this class, you are renewing the hope of a local talent who wishes for nothing more than to teach and pass on old traditions of the Cambodian lifestyle.




In this course participants will be made to feel like true blacksmiths (no prior experience required!), making weapons for the kings of yonder, except you are making one special blade for yourself. What a unique souvenir to be able to bring home -- something that you could have never bought from any Cambodian boutique! Choose from machetes or a hilt made of deer horn! If you are interested in farm tools, you could also make a sickle, hoe or something of your own liking! The options are endless, and your instructor will work with you to ensure you make something really stunning. Owning your own customized blade just like a medieval King or Queen -- how cool can metalworks get? Enjoy the opportunity to feel like a true blacksmith responsible for making weapons for important figures of the village.


Please note that for your own safety, there will be certain parts of this workshop which will strictly be handled by the instructor only. This workshop is not recommended for young children.



Meeting Point

Angkor Night Market Street, Parsh Kraoum Road, Krong Siem Reap




Daily, including weekends






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