Wild Dolphin Swim

Head out on the water for the incredible opportunity to swim with wild dolphins, hosted by marine biologists onboard a sailing catamaran.
Adelaide, Australia
4 hrs
Start & End Time
Start & End Time
8:00 am to 12:00 pm
Pick-Up & Drop-Off
Pick-Up & Drop-Off
Not included
Minimum Age
Minimum Age
9 years
Fitness Level
Fitness Level
Start & End Location
Start & End Location
What's Included

  • Get up to $15 cash back per person when you book with us
  • A 4-hr dolphin cruise onboard the Temptation, a 58-foot sailing catamaran
  • The opportunity to get in the water to swim alongside wild dolphins
  • Use of all required equipment including wetsuits, snorkels, & masks for a safe & comfortable swim
  • Departs from the meeting point at Marina Pier, Holdfast Shores Marina, Glenelg
What to Expect

Experience the fantastic opportunity to swim alongside or watch wild dolphins in their natural habitat. Dolphins are one of the Earth's most fascinating, curious and interactive species. This Advanced Eco Certified Wild Dolphin Cruise is hosted by a fantastic team of Marine Biologists who will educate and assist you throughout the tour. It's an experience you will never forget!


Departing from Glenelg, the catamaran Temptation will make its way out to open water, where the dolphins come up to the boat, giving you the chance to hop in the water and swim alongside.


Temptation is a 58-foot sailing catamaran, which operates only 15 minutes from Adelaide's central business district. The vessel is survey registered to hold 50 passengers and can travel anywhere in the world, making her extremely stable. Plus, It is the first boat in South Australia to be given a dolphin swim license & has been conducting successful wild dolphin swims in Glenelg since 2002. 


The cruise offers two different swim experiences – a front swim and a back swim. 


Front Swim Experience


Lay down and feel like you're a part of the dolphin pod – the Front Swim is an experience you don't want to miss! A custom made net is secured between the bows of Temptation and allows you to experience wild dolphins swimming within arm's length, playing and socialising on the vessel's bow.


Back Swim Experience


Submerge yourself in the water with the  Back Swim Experience, an amazing way to view wild dolphins in their natural habitat. This allows customers to interact with dolphins from a truly unique perspective. Jump in and hold on to the mermaid lines off the back of the vessel and enjoy the incredible interactions.


On a typical day, all swimmers should get the opportunity to try both swims; however, some days, swimmers may only get the chance to try one. The crew's goal is to get all swimmers to see a dolphin underwater, so please know the friendly staff will do their best to make this happen.


Where we Visit:

  • Holdfast Bay in the Gulf St Vincent
Frequently Asked Questions

No problem, you have the option of either dolphin swimming or dolphin watching. So your friend can stay on-board and take photos or watch the dolphins play and frolic around Temptation’s hulls and the swimmers.

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2022-01-31 15:01:061

This is very common with a number of guests, so over the years, the crew has refined the briefing and techniques to accommodate the most nervous of dolphin swimmers.

  • On boarding Temptation, you will be given a full length, 5mm wetsuit, which acts as a full-body floatation device
  • You are given a briefing (about 15 minutes) on what to do and not do when entering and being in the water
  • Colour visual charts are also used to help show what to do and not do when entering and being in the water
  • The fully experienced crew will demonstrate how to use your mask and snorkel and can assist when trying masks on
  • All swimmers must hold onto a floatation line connected to the stern of Temptation
  • If at the end of the briefing and snorkel demonstration you are still not confident in entering the water you can stay on board and do the dolphin watch. The crew will then refund the difference back to you.
02022-01-31 15:01:06
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Yes, there are always risks when dealing with wild animals and open water activities, however, the Operator has never had any accidents in all of the years of operation. Obeying the brief will help decrease any potential risks.

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2022-01-31 15:01:061

Sharks are present in all oceans and where the crew conduct the dolphin swim is no different. The vessel does use two high powered shark shields which send out electronic signals which deter sharks. For this reason, the swim is unsuitable if you have a pacemaker, as it can interfere with it. The shields do not deter the dolphins as dolphins use sonar.

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Definitely not, these dolphins are 100% wild and come over to the swimmers for a little fun. They are more than capable of catching their own live food and feeding and touching these dolphins can lead to health issues. This tour is about seeing Adelaide’s dolphins in their natural environment.


Reaching out to try and touch the dolphins only makes them nervous, therefore shortening the interaction time. If the dolphins touch you this is OK, but please respect the dolphins.

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This would be devastating to yourself and the Temptation crew as this has never happened before. The Operator has a 100% success rate of seeing dolphins on the dolphin swim and watch cruise. However, they also have a money-back guarantee, if no dolphins are spotted throughout the course of the cruise they will refund you the full cost of the cruise.

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Yes, there are a few:

  1. Anyone with a pacemaker (The sharks shields can interfere with the pacemaker)
  2. Anyone who is not capable of holding onto the floatation line while being towed slowly behind Temptation.
  3. Anyone who is not capable of climbing three rungs of the ladder on the back of Temptation.

*Please note that Temptation is not wheelchair friendly

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Generally yes, the crew try very hard to make the dolphin swim as easy as possible for swimmers, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case.

  1. The crew do not put the swimmers into the water until the dolphins have turned to come over to Temptation. Sometimes this is quite fast, therefore they have to get the swimmers into the water as quickly and safely as possible. When the dolphins get too close they stop people from going into the water because it can scare the dolphins causing them to move away.
  2. The crew are constantly shouting at the swimmers in the water directing where to look. Unfortunately crew must shout so that swimmers can hear them through the water.
  3. The first swim is usually the worst as there is a lot to take in
    • Breathing through a snorkel
    • Hanging onto a floatation line or laying on the front boom net
    • Crew shouting direction on where to look
    • Having your breath taken away when you see your first dolphin under water
  4. If you are not confident to go into the water, it's suggested watching for the first swim and deciding if it is right for you.
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2022-01-31 15:01:061

You would be silly not to, this is an amazing up-close experience with wild dolphins. Every trip a crew member is taking photos of the dolphins for research and also photos of passengers in and out of the water. The photos taken throughout the cruise will then be put onto a photo USB which can be purchased for $25.00. It's a great way to capture this once in a lifetime experience. 

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2022-01-31 15:01:061

Due to the physical nature of the experience, you must be in good physical health, able to hold onto a floating line while the vessel is slowly moving and be able to climb three rungs of a ladder to get in and out of the water with minimal assistance. Unfortunately, the Temptation is not wheelchair friendly.

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2022-01-31 15:22:491
Terms & Conditions:

  • Cruises may be cancelled last minute due to unforeseen weather conditions
  • When participating in the dolphin swim cruise, a waiver of liability will need to be signed. Swimmers under the age of 18 years will also need a signature from a responsible person (18 years and older)
  • All swimmers will need to use a mask, snorkel & wetsuit during their swim, all which will be provided by The Operator
  • The minimum age to participate in the dolphin swim is 9 years, however, anyone under this age can do the dolphin watch
  • This tour is not suitable for people with a pacemaker and all participants must be of relatively good fitness
  • Staff reserve the right to refuse boarding to anyone that is deemed intoxicated or uncooperative. In this event, all monies will be forfeited

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations must be made (via phone or email) and received by The Operator before the time constraints detailed in the cancellation policy

Bookings of 5 or less passengers 

  • If cancellations are made less than 24 hrs prior to the scheduled departure date or failure to show there is no refund or reschedule

Bookings of 6 or more passengers

  • Cancellations within 7 days of departure date are charged at $50.00 per swimmer and $20.00 per watcher. If cancellations are made less than 48 hrs prior to the scheduled departure date or failure to show there is no refund or reschedule. Missed tours cannot be refunded or rescheduled


Child (9 - 15):
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